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From a very early age, Justin has been on a relentless pursuit of one thing… Passion. His love for creating guided his life, for better or for worse. Music, entrepreneurship, writing, entertaining, inventing, you name it. Any way in which he could express himself and share his thoughts, feelings, and values with the World! Even as a child, Justin had a strong sense that the traditional 9-5 American dream wasn’t right for him and he would never pursue it…  

Justin went on to Graduate from Berklee College of Music, become a full-time Entertainer in Nashville, TN, release an album of original music, launch a successful YouTube Channel, land a Network TV show (ABC’s “The Big Time”), launch “Rock & Roll Pianos,” become a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and the Founder of the Clovis Culture. He invented the popular product, The Perfect Paleo Powder and has found success as a writer with articles about fitness and nutrition that have been featured in numerous publications.  

Justin continues to innovate as an Entrepreneur and CEO of the Clovis Culture, with his most recent launch of 7 new powdered nutritional supplements, a new e-commerce platform, along with iPhone and Android apps. Justin still performs regularly in Nashville and surrounding areas. His work as a writer can be found on, and his work as an Entertainer can be found on YouTube and all major music platforms, including streaming services.